Well met.

I am AbyssalEros, Demon of Lust, and a writer of dark erotica, Lovecraftian horror, dark fantasy, and other genres.

I will lead you with words into strange and enticing realms filled with fantasy and lust, where horror could always lurk in the shadows.

Most of my stories have a clear adult theme as I believe sexuality is such a driving force of human nature that it should not be omitted from fiction because of a false understanding of morals.

The stories you will come upon here will be available in English and German.

As I recently learned to create digital images that can illustrate my writings, you can even behold the people and places I will tell you about in my stories.

In addition, I will keep you updated about all my doings on my blog page.

Society of Lust

Together with Grabiobot and Farra Triss, I constitute the Inner Circle of the Society of Lust.

We are a small but enthusiastic developer team that loves to create immersive erotic adult games with a fascinating story set within the Trinity-verse.

If you are interested to learn more about the Trinity-verse and our games, visit our website.