More about me

If you want to learn more about me, continue to read.

As you might know, I am a reawakened writer. In years long gone, I used to write a lot, poems, short stories, novels, and adventures for pen and paper roleplaying games. All my writing was done in the language I first learned when I appeared on this plane of existence, German.

Although some of my poems were “published” in magazines or in anthologies of writing contests, I never got hold as a professional writer, mainly because I followed a different course, an academic one.

The road of my life brought me to the beautiful city of Münster, where I studied Ancient History, Egyptology, and Classical Archaeology and made my Master of Arts (Magister Artium), intended to do my doctorate.

However, fate lashed out hard at me; first, there was a severe lack of money, including a considerable deal of debt for my student loan, then the government changed at that time the education system, which robbed me, in fact, of any realistic chance in obtaining a professorship as I had planned.

To be honest, there was, in fact, a slight chance yet in a foreign country as I got an offer from a renowned university in England to write my thesis under their tutelage, but this would have meant to leave my family and my friends behind, especially my recently found love, I was seeking for such a long time already.

I am a hybrid being, born under the stars of the Capricorn, which typically would mean, I should be coldly calculating and analytic; in fact, I am; but I also have the heart of a poet and the mind of a writer, come into existence within the blazing fires of the Abyss.
While the flames of demons are filled with unending lust, they are also infused with the delicate sparks of romance.

So you can guess which decision I took.

Still, I tried to follow my chosen route to obtain my doctorate within the new educational system in Germany while constantly increasing my debts.

But fate was even crueler.

My dad — who already suffered from heart disease since my earliest childhood — was medicated fatally wrong while staying for routine treatment in hospital, resulting in kidney failure. For the next couple of years, we saw him die slowly.

Meanwhile, my love got a diagnosis of breast cancer. Together we fought and won, eventually.

At that time, I applied for removal from the register of students to accepted an office job to pay our bills.

However, all this was not without leaving deep scars on my soul. My health degenerated over the following years without apparent cause, and the helluva of pills I had to take against all the symptoms just outright killed my immune system until I suffered a nervous breakdown.

From that point onward, I received psychiatric treatment and finally got a diagnosis for all my health issues, psychosomatic symptoms due to a severe depression caused by burnout syndrome.

Sadly, I had already developed a personality disorder because I remained for too long untreated.

Nowadays, I am mostly back to health, although I still have some issues with my immune system, and if you hit the right triggers to tease my personality disorder out of its hiding, you will burn in the fury of abyssal fires erupting without warning to engulf you.

However, why am I telling you all about this?

A while ago, I created my own Patreon site and started working on an old story called “The Abyss.” While I revised this story and claimed in an announcement that I only would need some extra time for the creation of accompanying images, I realized I did not like the story revision and that I severely lacked in skills to create those images.

The reason for me disliking my own story can only be understood by looking at my past life and a bit of insight into my background.

Because of my depression, primarily due to my nervous breakdown, my mind encrypted most of my former skills as well as a big chunk of my knowledge and caged them away in a very dark pit to prevent further suffering; therefore, I need to uncover every single bit in tedious excavations.

Since Grabiobot hijacked me to be the writer for A Very Small Business, much has happened, and together we envisioned something much greater, which resulted in the founding of the Society of Lust and our trinity of projects.

The pinnacle will be the relaunch of A Very Small Business as My Life with Laura.

At first, I was appalled, fearing I will not be good enough for the task at hand, as I was still in the process of recovering my writing skills in German. How should I be able to satisfy anyone with my actual writing/translation skills in English?

After successfully fighting the urge to run and hide, I set myself to the task of honing my writing skills in both languages back to their old glory; in fact, I still am doing this right now and will continue to do so for a long time.

After the release and the overall good reception of our first two kinetical visual novels, Love in the Clouds above Trinity and First Valentine’s Day Date, a big deal of my stage fright disappeared.
Still, doubts remained and lingered like nagging apparitions.

Meanwhile, I began to study grammar and style books, books I already owned, and many ones I bought recently to improve myself. Some of those were in German, some in English. All in all, I read in the course of several months over a score of language books with a couple of thousands of pages.
I was especially intrigued by three books from Ben Yagoda, which I read in reverse order of their publishing: How to Not Write Bad, When You Catch an Adjective, Kill It!, and The Sound on the Page.

While I will continue to improve my writing skills and thrive to rediscover my former vocabulary and even enhance it further, I hope you will support me with your advice, especially if I make mistakes.

Any help and suggestions from you will always be welcomed.

As you might know, while we worked at the vision of the Trinity-verse, we were struck with unforeseeable health issues – Grabiobot’s heart attack, the follow-up issues, and all that.

Thus I started to learn to use DAZ Studio to help him.

You first saw some of my work in First Valentine’s Day Date.
Not that I did much at that time, as I only helped fix posing and expression issues, removed poke-throughs, and contributed by rendering images.

At the same time, I started to create images all by myself.
One of my earliest works you can see is a photo poster inside the dorm room of Dante and Dario, while you can find some others in the Render Art Channel of our Discord.

Eventually, Grabiobot and Farra Triss asked me to do more 3D artwork and contribute my images to our trinity of projects.
As I liked what I was doing and was seriously hooked on it, I gave my consent.
Naturally, I was – and still am – not nearly as good as Grabiobot; therefore, I started to immerse myself more into DAZ Studio.
With Grabiobot’s valuable support and teaching lessons, I studied the poorly updated documentation of DAZ Studio, did every included tutorial lesson, watched nearly every single video tutorial Grabiobot possessed, and bought myself a lot of tutorials I considered to be helpful.
Slowly but continuously, I improved my skills.

While I got more proficient with DAZ Studio and the perks of creating and rendering 3D art, I realized that we will eventually need good image editing software.

Already around last year’s Black Friday sales madness, I got a terrific offer for the Adobe Creative Cloud I could not resist.

While I dabbled for some months with Photoshop on my own, creating our watermark logo and the title screen for First Valentine’s Day Date along the way, I only recently started to delve deeper after I bought an excellent beginner’s book on Photoshop.

As you see, like the Society of Lust has its trinity of projects, I have my own, consisting of improving myself and enhancing my skills in writing, DAZ Studio, and Photoshop.

I hope you accompany me along this road.

Sincerely yours,