The Deeds of AbyssalEros. Activity Report 2021 – Part 7

Today, in the seventh (and likely last) part of my activity report, I will talk about worldbuilding and developing background stories for the Trinity-verse.

As those of you who follow the Society of Lust know, I have created the Trinity-verse based upon our own world. However, to make this world more thrilling and different, I changed the history of this twin of our earth.

The earth of the Trinity-verse is geologically and geographically mainly identical to our world. ‘Mainly’ because the sovereign archipelago state of which the metropolis of Trinity is the capital is not part of our reality.

It is from this city that will play a significant role in the lore of My Life with Laura that the Trinity-verse takes its name from.

Or may I have even a more secret agenda? Why is the capital of that still unrevealed archipelago called Trinity in the first place? Could there be more behind that name?

And those of you who now think it could have something to do with one of the monotheistic religions of our reality are totally wrong. I will not tell you more at this point, as it will be spoiling you. Therefore, I kindly ask you to wait a bit more until everything is revealed within the unfoldings of My Life with Laura.

From a chronological point of view, the Trinity-verse is similar to our own time. However, in the past of the Trinity-verse certain historical events did not occur that influenced our own world’s developments up to the present day. Therefore, the geopolitical situation of the Trinity-verse can hardly be compared with ours.

As you might know, I am a “former” historian, and while many historians disdain it, I often ask myself, “What if?” concerning certain historical events. This is also called “Counterfactual history.” While it is not the same as “Alternative history,” they still have a lot in common. However, while the former is “a method of historical research, [that] explores historical events with an extrapolated timeline in which key historical events either did not occur or had an outcome different from the historical record,” [Source] the latter is far more known outside historical debates and also more entertaining in the form of fiction.

I only point that out because I try to use what I learned throughout my long historical studies to create a plausible alternative timeline for the Trinity-verse by changing certain key historical events or removing them altogether from it. Naturally, the world of the Trinity-verse and its alternative history is still speculative fiction, but I try my best to make it as plausible as possible.

Once again, I hope you will forgive me for not saying too much on this topic, as I intend to have you, the reader/player of the games set within the Trinity-verse, discover the rich lore by yourself. Unearthing this lore and pondering its consequences for the plot will be a significant factor in My Life with Laura. And I really do not want to spoil you in advance.

However, I can tell you that one of the key elements I changed has to do with a particular Egyptian pharaoh and his religious policy, while another key event is a political one of ancient Roman history. In my conviction, these and a few other minor changes would have caused a chain reaction that would have altered the flow of historical events.

Problematic with that approach is as farther down in history you make changes, the greater the diversion from our timeline becomes, and the less accurate or predictable following events become. My alternative history is just that, a fictional one, and while it is, at least for me, closer to the “Best of all possible worlds,” it is certainly not the best, as that would just mean a boring utopia with no stories to tell.

The changes I have made led naturally to a hugely different geopolitical world, which means that most countries and beliefs we know from our world are either hugely dissimilar or do not exist in the Trinity-verse. This is neither a political statement of mine nor any form of discrimination. But if you are either a prude or a hard-line nationalist, I am sure you will not be happy with my world.

As you can imagine, I have a lot of notes, outlines, diagrams, and rough maps that I’ve made over the years to help flesh out the background and lore of the Trinity-verse. After all, I need to rewrite more or less nearly 3,500 years of history and politics.

Unsurprisingly, this task is by far not done yet, as it is a colossal undertaking, but I have already more than enough material to fill several booklets. However, I have already enough suitable material to make the world and its history believable and unpredictably interesting as nothing will be, as you might assume. Initially, you will not notice any differences compared to our world, but soon enough, you will stumble upon clues that the Trinity-verse is indeed different. How much you will find out yourself while you delve inside the story of My Life with Laura.

Sincerely yours,