The Abyss – Re-illustrated and Bonus Images

A while ago — to be honest, at the beginning of 2019 — when I decided to open the Gates to The Realms of AbyssalEros, one story of mine, which I wrote many, many years ago in German, came to my mind immediately.

After I started translating, I realized that the original German story needed a good deal of proofreading and revision, which took longer than anticipated, but finally, in October 2019, “The Abyss” was ready to be unleashed.

While I am not a megalomaniac or insane — at least not more than other creatives — I confessed already that parts of the story are autobiographic. However, due to the nature of the story, I still will keep secret which parts precisely; but you are free to guess.

In 2019, I also started to learn to do digital arts with DAZ Studio and Photoshop. And although I was a bloody beginner, I tried to illustrate my story with a few rendered images. But unfortunately, my skills at those times were nearly as limited as my 3D content library, and in addition, my rig at that time was very outdated. Thus, I was never really pleased with the outcome of the images.

Meanwhile, I am a bit better with digital arts and postwork, and when I pondered what I could initially offer for a DeviantArt subscription, I decided to revisit the images of my first translated short story and re-illustrate it. Thought and done.

However, I got a bit overboard with myself and rendered a few more images of the second and third scenes of the story as a bonus. They are just a bunch of different camera angles, different perspectives, close-up details, and more to behold the beauty of the luscious succubi from all directions.

I already uploaded the re-illustrated story and all the images to my Patreon page, where patrons of mine could find them (I now only need some patrons).

But from now on, you can also decide to become a subscriber of mine at DeviantArt, where I will offer all the naughty and lewd art that is too kinky for the public audience within The Kinky Corner.

Sincerely yours,

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