A Warning to Humanity or Happy Halloween

Back in October 2022, I wrote once more a tiny short story for Renderosity’s annual Halloween Contest, which was, as it appears now, the last one, especially for writers. That year’s theme was A Hallowed Tale, and I wrote about the scholar and scribe Magnus Leander, penning a dire warning to Humanity.

If you are curious and want to know why he wrote this warning, download the PDF – either in English or German – and have fun reading.

Happy Halloween!

Sincerely yours,

Were you naughty this year? Or Merry Xmas to ye all!

„What ya mean, I was naughty, old man?!“ scowled the ogre in despair.

„But I eaten only da bad homans not liked by otha homans!“

He looked so sad. Then his eyes lit up!

„Got it! Eaten not enough bad homans!“

„Still have time to eat more bad homans, have I?“


I wish all decent humans a Merry Xmas; everyone else, I wish to become food for an ogre!

Sincerely yours

The Abyss – Re-illustrated and Bonus Images

A while ago — to be honest, at the beginning of 2019 — when I decided to open the Gates to The Realms of AbyssalEros, one story of mine, which I wrote many, many years ago in German, came to my mind immediately.

After I started translating, I realized that the original German story needed a good deal of proofreading and revision, which took longer than anticipated, but finally, in October 2019, “The Abyss” was ready to be unleashed.

While I am not a megalomaniac or insane — at least not more than other creatives — I confessed already that parts of the story are autobiographic. However, due to the nature of the story, I still will keep secret which parts precisely; but you are free to guess.

In 2019, I also started to learn to do digital arts with DAZ Studio and Photoshop. And although I was a bloody beginner, I tried to illustrate my story with a few rendered images. But unfortunately, my skills at those times were nearly as limited as my 3D content library, and in addition, my rig at that time was very outdated. Thus, I was never really pleased with the outcome of the images.

Meanwhile, I am a bit better with digital arts and postwork, and when I pondered what I could initially offer for a DeviantArt subscription, I decided to revisit the images of my first translated short story and re-illustrate it. Thought and done.

However, I got a bit overboard with myself and rendered a few more images of the second and third scenes of the story as a bonus. They are just a bunch of different camera angles, different perspectives, close-up details, and more to behold the beauty of the luscious succubi from all directions.

I already uploaded the re-illustrated story and all the images to my Patreon page, where patrons of mine could find them (I now only need some patrons).

But from now on, you can also decide to become a subscriber of mine at DeviantArt, where I will offer all the naughty and lewd art that is too kinky for the public audience within The Kinky Corner.

Sincerely yours,

The Deeds of AbyssalEros. Activity Report 2021 – Part 2

So, what else is there to report that I wouldn’t bore you with?

Perhaps we’ll risk a look at my battling windmills over the past few years. While karma has been screwing the world at large since the beginning of the Pandemic, my problems actually started much earlier. I don’t want to whine or be pitied; I just want to explain how it nearly came to my retreat from digital art.

Actually, I only joined an adult content creator, who later became my friend, as a writer back in the days when Patreon wasn’t ashamed of this clientele when it simply took our money without hesitation and just let us do our thing.

I am not condemning some regulation regarding intolerable, because clearly illegal content, but, what Patreon has done since those days, and continues to do, is clearly a kick in the guts for any adult content creator.

While adult content creators were already hidden behind a reasonable soft barrier (you had to confirm as a user that you wanted to see adult content first), additional mechanisms were later introduced or existing ones abolished (like the suggested creators). Unfortunately, ultimately those changes led to smaller adult content creators, like us, going completely unnoticed, as simply no one can find them on Patreon unless they have a direct link to them.

This alone makes it challenging to build a following, let alone one willing to pay for content.

And here we are, of course, already at the even bigger problem, the missing content. As you probably know, my friend Grabiobot was already thoroughly screwed by fate before the Pandemic. So I will not repeat this here.

Sure, it all sounds like whining, but it isn’t supposed to be. I’m actually trying to say that the Society of Lust couldn’t get content in the form of a game off the ground for a long time. Yes, I could have written and written and written. And, in fact, I did just that. But without artwork, no visual novel, or any other game! It’s just that simple.

I tried my best to acquire the necessary skills to create digital images myself in the little time I had available. However, since I started from scratch, this was quite a long and rocky road that I still tread.

Last year, after feeling empowered enough to do so, I was faced with the choice of either working on My Life with Laura, Night of our Graduation, or Books Make Dreams Come True to deliver that content for the Society of Lust.

In the end, I chose the latter because it was the shortest and, in my opinion, the most straightforward project I could do on my own while gaining more skills and experience for the other ones.

My Life with Laura was obviously skipped because we won’t be developing this game for Ren’Py, but for Caligine, our own game engine. However, I’m considering making the introduction a teaser for Ren’Py. In any case, the text has been ready for a long time.

Night of our Graduation seemed a bit too scary for me as the first visual novel to be done almost entirely on my own.

Books Make Dreams Come True progressed reasonably well, even though I faltered at one point or another and had to delve deeper into certain DAZ Studio features than I had before to solve problems that arose.

At the same time, I tried to keep the Society of Lust alive and posted more or less regular content on Patreon. Sadly, this is mostly only possible behind the enforced paywall for adult content and is almost impossible for anyone to see. And to be honest, I almost gave up because of the lack of enthusiastic reactions – or any at all. After all, we only had less than a handful of patrons left.

DeviantArt — and in a certain sense also Slushe — let me continue because I got encouragement for my artwork, at least from this side. Unfortunately, Slushe developed in hindsight into a poisonous sting that caused self-doubt. But I have already talked about that in the first part of this Activity Report series.

Books Make Dreams Come True is a kinetic visual novel in nine chapters (rather sense or scene divisions), out of which for six, the images are already completed. Chapters 8 and 9 are relatively short and do not contain all that many images. Chapter 7, however, is the chapter that provides the so-called main adult content and will require some serious work on my part.

But enough for today, I bored you enough, I fear.

I will keep you posted on the development.

Sincerely yours,

Happy Halloween 2021

Today is the day — or better, tonight is the night of the nights!

Under the presumption that Halloween derives from the old Gaelic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the beginning of the winter, this festival lasts from sunset to sunset, as this is how Celtic days began and ended.

According to mythology, Samhain is a festival for the dead, as it is a time when the ‘doorways’ to the Otherworld open to allow supernatural beings, including the souls of the dead, to come into the world of the living.

It was a time of great bonfires and offerings. Offerings to appease the Aos Sí, the spirits or fairies of the Otherworld, with food and drink, to ensure the people and their livestock survived the winter. This liminal time also allowed dead kin to revisit their families, who offered them hospitality in their former homes.

Usually, the Aos Sí are pleased with the typical offerings of food and drink, but some expect to share more intimate moments with the living, especially those that feed on sexual energies.

So be ready to appease the Aos Sí properly when they come to ride you!

Sincerely yours,

I did not (fore)see it! Or Third Place in the Invisible Human Contest

I have not expected to win another contest — making third place once more — so soon again, or ever again. I am awestruck that my humble digital art skills can meanwhile create images that many people like. Thank you all! Fiery hugs from the blazing pits of the Abyss for all of you! (Do not worry, the fires only hurt if I wish so.)

My contest contribution (#24) is called What makes humanity disappear … and can sadly only be seen like all the other beautiful images on the Invisible Human Contest page if you have a Renderosity account.

However, as usual, I will publish my image later on, after they made their community post, on my Renderosity Gallery and my DeviantArt page.

Sincerely yours

“Return of the Witches” added to Stories Page

Last weekend, I finally found the time to make the final changes to the German version of my Costumes, Cauldrons & Concoctions contest story Return of the Witches, with which I made the first place at Renderosity’s Annual Halloween contest last year.

I had to do this long-neglected task, as I needed to apply the last-minute changes that I had done to shorten the English text under the 1.000 words limit. Otherwise, the German and the English versions would have been slightly different.

Meanwhile, I have uploaded both language versions and incorporated them into my stories page.

While I know that this year’s Halloween is still far away, I hope you will nonetheless enjoy this creepy little story about wicked witches.

Sincerely yours,