AbyssalEros invades DeviantArt

After years of lurking silently on DeviantArt without an account, I recently joined the world’s greatest art community.

It was on my to-do-list for a long while, but somehow, I could never find the time to set up an account. However, recent events encouraged me to finally create one.

As you know, I am not only a writer but also a fledgling 3D artist, and for that, I need a portfolio.

While I personally give a shit about false morals, I took care not to show off images on my personal website which could be regarded by moralists as porn; I even set up an age-gate in front of my website to clearly indicate that my page includes content for an adult audience.

Apparently, that was not sufficient for at least one forum moderator at a certain 3D content store, who regarded my signature links to my website and to my Patreon page as a violation of their TOS and deleted them — after one year.

In my opinion, this decision was totally arbitrary, and the moderator even contradicted himself by telling me that linking to DeviantArt is allowed as it “covers a wide range of topics,” while Patreon would not be permitted due to the nature of my sites that are “strongly oriented towards the type of content that we cannot allow.” I am sure he did not even bothered to check my pages if I am really violating their TOS, or he would not have written such nonsense.

I learned my lessons long ago, not to argue with prudes and SJW more than necessary, as their minds are too limited anyway.

Now, enough rambling.

I herewith announce that the gates of my Realms have opened up on DeviantArt.

Check it out!

Sincerely yours,

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