Tlaero of Tora Productions is back!

I am honored to tell you that Tlaero accepted my gift for her un-retirement.
But before I reveal to you what this gift is, I tell you a little story to illuminate why I am so happy that she is back and, therefore, offered her a present.

I discovered adult games many years ago – not counting Sex Games and several other games that somehow found their way in the 80s on my Commodore 64 – through my love for anime and hentai.

My first adult game was Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis-. Since then, a lot of adult Japanese games/visual novels followed . As English translations were even rarer in the earliest years of the new millennium than now, I soon started to read most eroge in Japanese with a machine translator. Later I also started to learn Japanese.

Similar English games are sometimes called OELVN (Original English Language Visual Novels) and are commonly despised by the majority of visual novel lovers.
And while I understand and share this disdain to a certain degree, there were rare diamonds among them.
Some of those diamonds were cut expertly by Tlaero and Mortze. I devoured their stories that were set within the so-called Elsa-verse and loved how Tlaero brought her characters to life and captured the attention of her audience. Her stories were adult but not immature and silly, like the greater bunch of the so-called adult OELVN.

Tlaero taught me that even Original English Language adult games/novels can be awesome. Because of her, I tried other visual novels and games that were more or less original English.
While it is true that most of them are immature pornographic – and even silly without being funny –, I was nonetheless able to find other gems among them, one was A Very Small Business by a certain Grabiobot. The rest is history.

Yes, I was partly influenced by Tlaero’s and Mortze’s Verses when I created and baptized the Trinity-verse.

I was sad when Tlaero retired due to personal reasons, not only for Mortze but – honestly – mainly for myself, knowing I lost the chance to read more of the Elsa-verse and all the other verses.

The more I rejoiced when Tlaero reemerged and started to write Elsas’ Nightmares, an episodic story in six parts about the name-giver of the Elsa-verse.

As I am a patron of Tora Productions, I also have access to their Discord channel, and thus I came in contact with Tlaero and Mortze.
On the spur of the moment, I offered Tlaero to translate Elsa’s Nightmares into German as a sign of my respect for her; and here we are now.

Tora Productions just released episode 5 of Elsa’s Nightmares, and if you happen to be a native speaker of German, you can now read it in your own language.

Sincerely yours,

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