About past contest entries and more

I was swamped with work in recent times — and still am — so sorry for my lack of posting here.

Damn, I even forgot to inform you that quite a while back now, I added two images into contests that were held by Renderosity after I taught myself how to create charcoal and watercolor illustrations with the help of brushes, patterns, and actions within Photoshop.

It was just a way to improve myself and learn to use Photoshop more advanced, so I was astonished that one of those images really managed to claim third place.

I even forgot to upload both images after the contests to my Renderosity gallery, which I now have done. I also just uploaded both illustrations to my Deviant Art gallery.

I hope to improve those skills in the future to use the graphic tablet I bought last year to the max. So, stay tuned to see more.

But first, I need to finish my current projects. One of these is the upcoming kinetic visual novel for the Society of Lust. This time I am trying myself not only at the story but also at all the images.

If you are curious, you can take a sneaking glance at SoL’s Patreon page, where we have already given insight into the main location and have revealed the heroine. Soon, we will disclose the title of the story, which will be part of the Lewd Stories of Trinity.

Sincerely yours,

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