The Deeds of AbyssalEros. Activity Report 2021 – Part 3

Some of you know that in 2020 I translated the episodic kinetic visual novel Elsa‘s Nightmares, written by Tlaero from Tora Productions, into German as my gift for her un-retirement.

And later in September the same year, I informed you that I also translated their game Life Changes for Keeley.

However, since then, I have translated many more projects of them, which I have not told you about. So, here is the follow-up of everything I have translated so far.

In October 2020, Tlaero published her first text-based short story, Rain God, which is a sort of follow-up of happenings of Life Changes for Keeley.

Still in 2020, namely November, Tora Production started to publish another episodic kinetic visual novel, Elsaverse: Transitions, whose sixth and last episode was published in May 2021.

Already in July 2021 followed Westbank, another short story taking up the arch from Rain God.

In between, I worked on translating Mortze’s solo project, The Warrior’s Heart, of which, up to now, I translated roughly half of it.

On the 15th of December, Tora Productions published their next big game within the Elsaverse, Chasing Beth, and I had roughly 13 days of head-up time for the translation. As you might already assume from what I told you in the first two parts of my activity reports, I was not able to start working on the translation in December at all. And this bothered me immensely. Do not get me wrong; Tlaero and Mortze have never given me a deadline or demanded anything from me. In fact, they told me more than once, I could take my time.

Thus, the game was initially published without a German translation.

And already on Xmas eve, Tlaero told me that she had finished the next short story and was about to publish it very soon.

So, after all the troublesome times of last year and right after my birthday on Janus‘ Day, I set myself down to translate the short story, Sister, which is again in a continuity of the previous short stories. I finished this translation on the 6th of January, but it was published much later, namely on the 2nd of February, despite the original intention.

Right after that, I started with the translation of Chasing Beth, and I needed the rest of January to finish the translation of the impressive script (over 33.000 words on 79 pages) so that the German translation was published on the 30th day of the year 2022.

As you see, I spent a lot of time and effort on translations for Tora Productions, and that I did, because I really have high regard for them, so if you have not checked them out yet, do it now. And if you happen to be German-speaking, try the translations and tell me what you think of them.

However, I realized I cannot do that anymore, as I need the spare time I have to work mainly on my own projects, which naturally includes the projects of the Society of Lust. And thus, I wrote with a heavy heart on Thursday a letter to Tlaero and Mortze that I cannot translate their future projects anymore into German.

I am happy that they understood my reasoning and bear no ill-will for telling them right before they are about to publish their next project that I will not translate it, as I did with all their projects for the last two years.

However, now I reached the second page of my report once more, and therefore I close it with my well-wishes for them and all of you.

Sincerely yours

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