The Deeds of AbyssalEros. Activity Report 2021 – Part 5

I know I bragged about my contest entries — images and stories — last time. And I hope you took no offense at it, my friends. However, to be able to achieve those successes, I needed to work hard to improve my skills. And that is precisely what I did most often in my spare time last year.

As you know, while I write since my earliest childhood, I had mental health issues for many years and have not taken up the pen for a very, very long time because of that. It felt at times that I needed to relearn everything, but I tried my best — and still try — to improve to offer you the stories lurking in my mind. And scare the shit out of you with them, make you horny like a perv on sex drugs, or just make you have a good time.

I am by far not as good as I once was, yet. And I am only talking here about my German writings, not my English translations, which is another skill I needed to reclaim and enhance. While English was never a problem for me — I prefer to read my novels in English, as official German translations proved to disappoint me more often than not in the past — I have never written much in English since I left school ages ago.

In the beginning, I wrote all posts and announcements in German and then translated them into English; but now I write them all in English from the very start. I even started to write short stories in English, but I still prefer to write them in German first, where I am more skilled.

I am constantly reading grammar books and books about writing in German and English to improve my skills. And also, my translation works for Tora Productions helped me evolve, especially my English.

All I can hope is that you, my friends, like what I write and want more of it.

In contrast to recovering my writing skills, I needed to start by scratch with digital arts. So not only I needed to learn to use DAZ Studio and 3D rendering with all its quirks, but I also needed to teach myself everything about postwork and how those tools work. I also taught myself a lot about color theory, design, lighting, and composition within the last year. And while I am by far not done with that, as I am constantly learning and discovering new stuff, I like my travel so far and enjoy using my skills to make 3D images — lewd or not — with newly aquired knowledge.

I read a lot of books I collected over the last two years and watched a lot of tutorials and courses about many a topic related to 3D arts and rendering, too many to list them here.

I still need to learn to use Blender to use it in my workflow, but so far, I lacked the time for that. Hopefully, I can change that this year, as I really need to learn to make my own environment to give the Trinity-verse the flair, I want it to have.

I will keep you updated with my venture into learning in the times to come. Stay tuned.

Sincerely yours,

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