The (not so) recent doings of AbyssalEros – September to December 2019

Damn, time flies faster than a dragon wraith on speed.
I just realized how long it has been since I wrote my last activity report.
The last months were hectic for me, so I somehow got lost in time.
However, let me try to bring you up to date in short, digestible chunks, as far as I can evoke my blurred memory to give an accurate report.

In September, I finally managed to finish the revision of my old short story, “The Abyss.” After a long and arduous process of refining not only this story but also myself, I was eventually satisfied with the outcome.

Also, in September, I wrote a short Lovecraftian story for the Halloween writers’ contest on Renderosity, which theme was “Ever Watching Eyes.”
While I already had partaken in some contests in my native language many, many years ago, I had never contributed to one that was for an English speaking community. Thus I had no real expectations and was just curious about the reactions.

What befell me in September that disturbed my plans in a way, that I wrote about Murphy visiting me, I can not quite remember at the moment. However, I believe it was something health-related.

In October, I spent a big deal of my time rendering images for “The Abyss” and for SoL’s Halloween posts, while I tried to improve my skills in 3D art.

In September and October, I seriously started to learn all about Webhosting and setting up a WordPress site, which eventually led to the registration of a domain name and the deal-making with a hosting provider.

On October 27th, I finally published “The Abyss” on my Patreon page, while Halloween saw not only the release of Wytchkin Laura and her fellow sisters but also the announcement of the winners of Renderosity’s annual Halloween contest, which left me positively surprised, as I made second place.

In November, I was mainly working on setting up my website, which finally went online on December 1st.

At the same time, I run rampage on sales at DAZ3D, Renderosity, and Renderotica, hugely increasing my asset library, which eventually slowed down my DAZ Studio installation to a painstaking torment of un-responding times.

Eventually, I decided right before Xmas to upgrade my computer rig.

December also saw me working on several images for the Society of Lust, which we published on Xmas and New Year’s Eve, respectively. And I did two additional pictures of Dante and his girls, which I contributed to Renderotica’s “2019 Years End Render Contest.”

Renderosity was holding another contest in December, too; their annual Holiday Contest. This year’s theme was “Lost Holiday Toys,“ for which I wrote another short story that eventually made third place.

Before I forget to mention it, naturally, all the past several months, I was also busy increasing the lore of the Trinity-verse. And while I did not write new scenes for My Life with Laura, I was working quite a bit on our main project. However, my main focus was and still lies on the Night of our Graduation, the second prequel, which will introduce Dario and several other characters, and a secret side story, much like Love in the Clouds above Trinity. But more about this in the next part.

Sincerely yours,

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