The (more) recent doings of AbyssalEros – January 2020

January began with a bang, the celebration of the appearance of AbyssalEros into this world many years ago.

Yes, you read right, a long time ago I was reincarnated on January 1st into my human body to prowl this plane of existence!

Though, that was not the real bang.
The real bang was the present my girlfriend gave me –  and for once, I am not talking of some carnal pleasures.
As you know, I am a native German, and therefore, I am writing foremost in this language. So far, I used Microsoft’s Word (in Version 2010) to do so, which is not really the best choice for a writer, especially for one that is not writing in English.

To compensate for the inadequateness of Word, I bought many years ago a German grammar software from the renowned Duden publishing house for it. Sadly, development and support for this software were stopped in 2013 and is meanwhile hugely outdated.

However, there exists one really excellent software for German writers, called Papyrus Autor, which is a word processing software for authors with many useful features, including an up-to-date grammar plugin from Duden.
This software is so much more than Word from Microsoft is and will ever be regarding the specific needs of writers. It is comparable with the English WriteItNow 5 software, but in my opinion, it far excels it.

The only setback to the software is the vast price, although it is justified.
And while I pondered to buy this software for many years, I was always in a lack of money to do so. Now, my lovely girl took away the burden of the decision from my shoulders and gave it to me for my birthday.

I am still not done exploring the software, as I like to read the manuals of the software I buy, so I learn how to use them to the maximum. And this manual’s page count is at 401 impressive pages and itself a book for its own.
What I discovered so far is just awesome!
Naturally, as a writer of fictional stuff, I would like to have more versatility to the time beam of Papyrus Autor, but this is whining at a high level.

Eternal thanks, my love, for giving me such an awesome present!

After I upgraded my computer rig within the last days of the holidays, I spent a considerable deal of January to reorganize my DAZ library. Switching at the same time from manually installing assets to using the DAZ Install Manager. And finally, I took my time to check if all my old scenes still load without errors.

Eventually, I did some renders with Laura in a fantasy setting for which I wrote my very first but tiny scene within Papyrus Autor before I translated it to English in Word.

Around the same time, I created a gallery page for some of my works on DAZ. It still looks very desolated, but I intend to change it as soon as possible.

As January was due to a weeklong training course for my work one week shorter for me, I was able to work only a bit on my secret project for the Society of Lust.
On January 29th, I introduced Lin to the public after I had finally managed to solve all the issues her clothes posed to me. For more details, you can read the post linked above.

Sincerely yours,

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