The recent doings of AbyssalEros – February 2020

So, what did I do in February?

The first days of the month – including the last days of January – I spent with a lovely couple (Dante & Laura) to create images for the new tiers for the Society of Lust Patreon page.
And while the announcement for the change of the tiers was already written many months ago, I took my time to check it once again.
Then, after discussing it a final time with Grabiobot and Farra Triss, we changed the tiers to prepare our Patreon site for the upcoming months.

After this task was done, I set myself to work at the renders for Valentine’s Day. All in all, we released on our Patreon page nine images of Laura that Dante took of her, including an additional one that I created originally for the 2020 Valentine’s contest at Renderotica. But since they skipped the competition this year, I decided to offer the image to the patrons of the Society of Lust.

Naturally, Valentine’s Day itself and the next weekend was reserved for my girl alone.

After this short personal break, I jumped back into studying lighting in DAZ studio to improve my skills, as light is the most essential ingredient of a good scene aside from a beautiful woman!
Naughty jokes aside, a proper light set-up really makes a scene unique; therefore, I try to improve my knowledge about setting up lights whenever I can.
And thus, I spent more or less the rest of February with studying.

Still, that was not everything I was doing in the last half of February.
As soon as I learned about a new image contest, I checked my DAZ library if I own assets that would allow me to partake in it, as it is exceptional in its theme.
Alas, I do not own many toon assets, and thus I thought my library was not suited to partake in this toon contest.
However, after I discovered that some people submitted anime-style images, I did my own one. Still, I am not sure if such images really fit the theme of the contest, but we will see.

After I finished this image, I played a bit more with the fantasy genre and created some pictures of a look-alike of Sylvanas Windrunner.

Sincerely yours,

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